Mike was born the youngest of five children in Chicago, Illinois, to a Mother who could not afford the four children she had, when she found out Mike was on the way. This family had many trappings of poor inner city life, alcoholism, addictions, absent father. Mike’s brother was killed in the streets of Chicago at 17 and another brother died in a prison cell at 17 also. His two sisters followed an unfortunate path as adolescents. Mike met his biological father for the first time when he was 27 years old. Nevertheless, Mike was fortunate enough to be rescued. Yes, Mike was given up for adoption, a choice that would ultimately save his life. You will be moved as you hear the story of the grace of God in Mike’s life. Though this is his past, it is not his present. Mike will have you laughing your socks off at life and the way we all live it. Mike is a positive comedian with a positive message.

Please plan to join us as we celebrate life during this inspirational and fun evening!

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